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May 11, 1990

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ The designer Mr. Blackwell, best known for his annual worst-dressed celebrity lists, had his face redesigned Friday.

The 60-something-year-old designer underwent a $20,000 ″complete face sculpturing,″ including cheekbone augmentation, eye restoration, removal of silicone from previous cosmetic surgery and regluing of his nose, said publicist Michael Sands.

Regluing of his nose?

Blackwell, whose real name is Richard Sylvan Seltzer, had a nose job previously and it got out of line recently when he bumped his schnoz, Sands said.

Blackwell, who won’t reveal his age except to say he’s ″under 100,″ said in a telephone interview from the plastic surgeon’s office: ″You take in a dress if it’s a little big, don’t you? Well, it’s a little big.″

The six-hour surgery was videotaped for airing on a medical show, Sands said. ″We will have an unveiling later. He will look like he did when he was young.″

The caustic Blackwell, who in the past designed clothes for Marilyn Monroe and Zsa Zsa Gabor, has heaped disdain on celebrity fashion frumps for 30 years.


LONDON (AP) - Comedian John Cleese and his second wife, Barbara Trentham, were divorced Friday.

Publicist Theo Cowen quoted the former Monty Python star as saying the couple’s two-year trial separation ″had gone so well they decided to make it permanent.″

Cleese, 50, did not contest the petition filed by Ms. Trentham, 44, according to the news agency Press Association. The couple had no children.

The two wed in 1981, three years after Cleese divorced Connie Booth, his co-writer and co-star on the television series ″Fawlty Towers.″ Both of his ex-wives are Americans.


MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) - Sportscaster Brent Musburger says journalists should bypass public relations people and go directly to the source of stories.

″To me, the entire notion of ballclubs or individual players issuing statements through public relations people is laughable,″ he told about 350 people at the University of Montana on Thursday night.

Musburger, who was fired by CBS last month and recently signed a contract with ABC Sports, said he spoke from experience. When journalists reported his firing, Musburger said, many accepted the version presented by CBS spokesmen and failed to call him directly.

Musburger was in Missoula this week to receive an honorary doctorate of humane letters from the university. Musburger is a Billings native and owns a ranch near Big Timber.


WHEELING, W.Va. (AP) - Gov. Gaston Caperton and Rachael Worby, conductor of the Wheeling Symphony, announced Friday they plan to get married in a small ceremony later this month.

The couple made the announcement at a news conference at Oglebay Park Amphitheater, where the orchestra appears during the summer.

Ms. Worby said she didn’t think her first lady obligations would affect her conducting duties.

″I intend to be music director for the Wheeling Symphony for as long as everyone in the Ohio Valley wants me,″ she said.

″She’ll do a great job, a great job,″ the Democratic governor said.

Ms. Worby said she plans to keep her name as well as her Wheeling home. The governor’s mansion is in Charleston.

The announcement comes less than seven months after Caperton and his wife, Dee, divorced. They had been married 23 years. Her fraud lawsuit against him was settled for a reported $11 million.


ATHENS, Ga. (AP) - Filmmaker Spike Lee drew a crowd of 2,000 - and a bomb threat - for a lecture at the University of Georgia.

Lee’s informal talk at The Coliseum on Thursday night was delayed about 45 minutes while police inspected the arena and found nothing.

″This is my second bomb threat this year,″ Lee told the students.

Lee, director of films including ″Do The Right Thing″ and ″She’s Gotta Have It,″ said he is starting to feel a bit put upon by the media scrutiny.

″Because there are so few black filmmakers out there, I’ve been elevated to this level of a messiah,″ he said. ″And I’m really uncomfortable with that. It’s not something I’ve asked for.″

One student criticized Lee for endorsing a brand of athletic shoes when some young people have been killed by thieves for their expensive sneakers.

″In my heart, I have no problem endorsing a product I wear,″ Lee said.


HEXHAM, England (AP) - Catherine Cookson, one of Britain’s most popular romantic novelists, is in satisfactory condition after suffering a heart attack, a hospital said Friday.

The 84-year-old author was stricken on May 5 but an announcement was withheld until her condition stabilized, said a Hexham General Hospital official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Mrs. Cookson has written more than 80 novels since publishing her first 40 years ago. A survey last year of the 100 most-borrowed books from British libraries found that 35 were written by Mrs. Cookson.

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CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) - Nine-time Emmy-winning sports director Chet Forte acknowledged he is a compulsive gambler after pleading innocent Friday to federal tax and mail charges.

Forte, 54, is accused of two counts of mail fraud, six counts of transporting stolen property across state lines and failure to file a federal income tax return in 1987. U.S. District Judge Joseph H. Rodriguez set a July 2 trial date.

Forte, who directed or produced ABC coverage of such events as ″Monday Night Football,″ the 1968 and 1984 Olympics and the World Series, told reporters after the hearing that he has been unable to find a job in the television industry because of his gambling addiction.

″Gamblers don’t wake up until it’s too late,″ said Forte.

Forte’s attorney, Lawrence Lustberg, said his client’s debts are ″in the million-dollar area.″

Forte left ABC in 1987 to become an independent director and producer.

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