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14 years after Kelo, a phoenix stirs

David CollinsMay 14, 2019

I know people in New London — Crazytown, as one education official inadvertently dubbed it — are focused these days on reports of city educators having sex on campus and sharing videos of those encounters with students.

And, yes, that deserves a lot of attention.

But with a sex scandal dominating headlines, another important story for New London slipped by without generating some of the excitement it deserves.

The Renaissance City Development Association is in new talks for a 300,000 in July 2017. It is bounded on one side by a beautiful state park and sits squarely on the Thames River, with commanding views. Of course, Cornish had the benefit of insider information about development plans for the peninsula that are just now coming into focus. The plans being discussed were first unveiled to the agency in 2015.

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