The Learjet 35, the type of plane that crashed in South Dakota on Monday killing golfer Payne Stewart and four others, is a light twin-turbofan business jet that can carry eight passengers and a crew of two.

Learjet Inc., a subsidiary of Bombardier Inc., introduced production model 35 in May 1973, and the model was certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in July 1974, according to Jane's Aircraft Upgrades. The 35A is the current version of production model 35.

The plane is equipped with an oxygen system for emergency use, with crew demand masks and dropout masks for each passenger. It also has a depressurization warning system.

The plane has a maximum cruising speed of 529 mph when flying at 41,000 feet. Its range when carrying four passengers and the maximum fuel load of 925 gallons is 2,527 miles.

The U.S. Air Force has 80 Learjet 35As, which it calls C-21As. It uses them as support aircraft for priority cargo, medevac and personnel transport.