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There’s a scent for everyone at this Tennessee candle shop

September 30, 2018

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (AP) — No matter who you are, everyone has a particular scent of candle they prefer. Barry and Kim Currin at Church Street Candle Company seek to bring the luxury of candle company giants like Yankee Candle to the people of Cleveland, but conveniently “made right down the street from you.”

Serving as co-owner alongside Barry, Kim said both of them are chandlers, which historically is another word for candle makers. She also jokingly said Barry serves as the “bottle washer” for their glass fusing business, Glassworks.

While they’ve been in business for 2 1/2 years, the two believe they are just now getting the word out about their new passion.

The Currins already had a studio off Church Street they used to sell their glass art; however, after cutting a door leading to the spare office, they established a room specifically dedicated to candles.

“Sixty of the scents are a soy blend while 20 scents are pure soy candles,” Kim explained. “We even have some we call ‘power-outage candles,’ which have no scent, because no one wants to waste their good candles for light during an outage.”

Beginning experimenting with candles in their kitchen, they slowly extended their scent repertoire, which now offers every scent from crispy bacon to spice and fresh fruit, to even a leather jacket smell.

Kim said Church Street Candles uses excellent ingredients and attributes this to their good choice in supplier.

“We don’t buy the cheap stuff. This is what I want to burn in my house,” she said.

A tip Kim offered for anyone who burns candles is to always burn a candle enough to liquify the top layer wax, and let it burn evenly. If this area is not all liquified, and only the center of the candle is, it may burn unevenly and more in the center than on the sides. This is why many people complain of candles — even the expensive ones — burning down to the bottom while leaving residual wax on the sides.

Kim said the process for locking in their own scents is a well-kept secret, and they must keep it that way in order to maintain their stronger scents, also known as “throws.”

When not making candles, the Currins run White Oak Advertising and Public Relations as well as Glassworks, a fused glass shop at the same location as Church Street Candles.

“I’m the recycling center for a lot of people, because they’ll bring me their used glass bottles and I’ll fuse them into various things, ranging from jewelry and decor to even wind chimes,” Kim said.

Glassworks also has a line of jewelry called Mouse Creek Pendants that the Currins’ son, Grant, started. Grant noticed the numerous pieces of glass litter along the Greenway. He then went out and collected them, fired them in the kiln with his parents and made elegant designs from the initial litter. Half of the profits from Mouse Creek Pendants are given to Keep America Beautiful, and some local schools that do community cleanup donate the collected glass to Kim, who then puts it toward this campaign.

The Currins can make personalized candle labels upon request and will often make these for businesses to use as gifts for employees.

“These candles would be a great gift for real estate agents to give to clients for a house they just sold,” Kim said. “People love to give local gifts, and these are made right down the street from you. Candles make people happy and this applies to everyone — guys and girls.”

In order to check out the various scents offered at Church Street Candles, you’ll have to come to the store, as Kim believes the best way to understand the complexity of their products is to smell them for yourself and pick out your favorites. For more information on the business, go to its Facebook page for new scents, contests and giveaways, check out its website at www.glassandflame.com or call 423-413-8715.

It is located at 445 Church St. S.E., Suite 2104. Current “sniffing hours” are Tuesday-Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., but the owners say hours will change with the seasons.


Information from: Cleveland Daily Banner, http://www.clevelandbanner.com/

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