Love Not Restricted Solely To Family

February 13, 2019

Editor: This letter comes to you in a time of hardship for myself and my family, but it represents something profound. Unfortunately, my father passed away this recently. His stay in Geisinger in Danville was riddled with up and down moments and he eventually lost his fight. However, this is an honest and inspirational message for anyone who has time to read it. We did not know where to have my father’s memorial service as he was cremated per his wishes and we have attended so many family funerals in the past years he would not want a sorrowful send off. So, not knowing what to do, we thought about having a memorial at our local American Legion Post. We contacted the commander and they immediately went to helping and informing us of everything they do for lost loved ones, from helping retrieve his original discharge papers to use of the dining room for the memorial. Not even a day later we heard from the chaplain. He and the commander explained all the services that they and the honor guard perform for fallen veterans. All in all, I just wanted to write this because I truly find it amazing that there are establishments like this that take care of people so well. It’s remarkable. It’s inspiring. It’s true honest-to-God’s love. Thank you all, for showing in this day and age, love is not restricted solely to family. Aaron Hauze WAPWALLOPEN

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