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On the Light Side

January 18, 1985

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (AP) _ When it comes to the popular board game Trivial Pursuit, there is nothing trivial about the enthusiasm at Mount Holyoke College.

Students at the western Massachusetts school have decided to liven up the midterm doldrums by laying out a tennis court-sized game board on which students outfitted in colorful uniforms will be game pieces.

″It’s winter term at Mount Holyoke, and they have been known for years for putting on weird events during this period,″ college spokeswoman Vee Wailgum said Thursday.

A sample question that will be put before 72 students and faculty at the private women’s college when they meet Tuesday night:

″What year did Mary Lyon, the founder of Mount Holyoke College, die?″

The Theater Arts department at the women’s college is designing a game board 32-feet square for the match between two 36-member teams, said Oliver Allyn, department chairman.

A five-foot square cube of foam rubber will be rolled instead of a die, and instead of plastic wedges, students in different-colored sweatsuits will climb into giant game pieces when a team answers a question correctly, Allyn said.

By the way, Mary Lyon died in 1849.


DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) - When Quad-City Times columnist Bill Wundram read in Ann Landers’ advice column that thousands of women would trade sex for a good hug, he offered to help.

Wundram offered in his column on Wednesday to cuddle as a public service. And on Thursday when a woman grabbed him as he got out of his car, it was the beginning of hectic day of hugging.

Wundram, who describes himself as a ″pudgy little teddy-bear type,″ said he had ″hundreds of hugs.″

″One woman called me from Morrison, Ill., to hug me over the phone,″ he said. ″I’ve had men call me too to ask me to send any extra hugs I get to them.″

The newspaper’s promotions department is printing up buttons reading, ″I hugged Bill Wundram: and it WAS better than sex.″

Wundram says he not sure his wife would share that view. ″She’d say those women don’t really know me the way she does,″ he said.


LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - Ross Tegeler says he’s tired of hearing bells at Lincoln High School, and he believes Duran Duran as well as Beethoven can provide the music to soothe formerly bell-jangled nerves.

The social studies instructor has proposed to the student council that music replace bells at class-changing time.

″After being there for nine years, you get tired of being regimented by bells,″ Tegeler said.

″It’s a neat idea,″ Principal Sam Nelson said, if the school can find a way to pay for the additional speakers that would be needed for the hallways.

Tegeler said he thinks the student council can raise the funds. Then a faculty-student committee could choose the musical selections.

″We wouldn’t want 36 weeks of John Philip Sousa,″ he said.Or Ozzy Osbourne, he added.

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