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Developments in Iraq on Monday

March 28, 2006

Monday’s developments in Iraq:

_ A doctor in the northern city of Kirkuk confesses to killing more than 40 Iraqi soldiers and policemen by giving them lethal injections, shutting off their oxygen and failing to stop bleeding caused by combat wounds. A tape of the confession by Loai Omar al-Taii aired on Kurdish television. During police interrogation, the 27-year-old doctor also admitted to privately treating insurgents at the hospital, according to the broadcasts.

_A suicide bomber strikes an army recruiting center, killing at least 40 in front of a joint U.S.-Iraqi military base between Mosul and the ancient city of Tal Afar.

_ A total of 29 more bodies are found, nine with nooses around their necks. A variety of attacks with guns, bombs, mortars and rockets kill at least 12 other people _ including seven who died in Baghdad when a rocket hit a building that housed the headquarters of the Shiite Fadhila party.

_Shiite leaders cut off political talks and denounce the United States over a weekend raid that they say killed worshippers in a mosque. Hundreds of people turn out for the funerals of those killed in Sunday’s raid.

_Gunmen in four civilian cars kidnap 16 employees of an Iraqi trading company in Baghdad’s upscale Mansour neighborhood.

_Gunmen also kidnap the president of Ramadi’s Anbar University from his home. The university president, Abdul Hadi Rajab al-Hitawi, was kidnapped for nearly a month last year, but was later released after paying a ransom.

_Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari dismisses calls purportedly made by Saddam Hussein’s chief deputy urging Arab leaders to back Iraq’s insurgency as merely ``voices from the graveyard.″

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