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September 2, 2013



HAGEN, Germany — Germany put a 92-year-old former member of the Nazi Waffen SS on trial Monday on charges that he executed a Dutch resistance fighter in 1944. Dutch-born Siert Bruins, who is now German, volunteered for the SS after the Nazis conquered the Netherlands in 1941. Bruins served as a member of the Sicherheitspolizei, or Security Police, in a unit looking for resistance fighters and Jews. By David Rising.


ISTANBUL — Turkey’s former military chief and 102 other people have gone on trial for their alleged involvement in ousting an Islamic-led government in 1997. Retired Gen. Ismail Hakki Karadayi, 81, and other former military officials face life in prison if convicted of taking part in a campaign that forced former Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan to resign. Moved. 130 words.


MADRID — Spain’s Justice Minister says the conservative government will present by the end of October its proposed changes to the country’s abortion law, with the amendments expected to introduce new restrictions on pregnancy terminations. Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon said Monday in an interview with Radio Nacional de Espana the alterations “will be in line with the Popular Party’s longstanding position” on abortion, though he did not elaborate. Moved. 130 words.


MOSCOW — The information the U.S. showed Moscow trying to prove that the Syrian regime was behind an alleged chemical weapons attack is “absolutely unconvincing,” Russia’s foreign minister said Monday. The United States insists Syrian President Bashar Assad’s troops were behind the chemical attack on Aug. 21, which they say killed over 1,400 people, and is considering strikes against his regime. Moscow is Assad’s key ally and weapons supplier, and its protector at the United Nations. Moved. 200 words.



MINSK, Belarus — Authorities in Belarus have issued an arrest warrant for a Russian billionaire who co-owns Uralkali, a Moscow-based potash company that became embroiled in a power struggle over the country’s market. The arrest warrant for Suleyman Kerimov comes a week after Uralkali’s CEO, Vladislav Baumgertner, was arrested in Belarus on suspicion of “abusing his powers.” Analysts say the arrests and allegations are retaliation against Uralkali for pulling out of a trading venture, a move that could lead to a pricing war. Moved. 130 words. To be updated 1230 GMT.


LONDON — Evidence that China’s economic slowdown is leveling off helped global stock markets rise on Monday, though Wall Street’s closure for Labor Day was expected to keep trading volumes light. The possibility of a U.S. military strike against Syria in retaliation for alleged chemical weapons use against civilians continued to overhang markets but the initial concern has abated. U.K. lawmakers voted against involvement and President Barack Obama decided to seek approval from Congress. By Carlo Piovano. 500 words. To be updated


LISBON, Portugal — Portugal’s finance ministry says inspectors from the country’s bailout creditors will arrive Sept. 16 to assess Portugal’s progress on repairing its public finances and adopting economic reforms. In return for a 78 billion euros ($103 billion) rescue package in 2011, the creditors — the IMF, the European Central Bank and other EU countries — demanded spending cuts to reduce debt. They also required measures to modernize the economy. Disbursement of bailout funds depends on Portugal’s compliance. 130 words.


BUCHAREST, Romania — Thousands of people have protested government plants to allow a Canadian company to dig for gold. The government last week said that its decision — which requires parliamentary approval — to allow Canada’s Rosia Montana Gold Corp. to dig for gold and silver is of “special national interest.” 130 words.



LONDON — Gareth Bale is presented as Real Madrid’s latest world-record transfer on a day when Europe’s top clubs look to snap up last-minute signings to finalize their squads for the second half of the season. 700 words. First copy by 1600 GMT. By Rob Harris.


MANCHESTER, England — Liverpool is the early mover in what is expected to be a frantic transfer deadline day in the Premier League on Monday, signing young defenders Mamadou Sakho and Tiago Ilori to take their list of summer recruits to seven. Moved - will be updated. By Steve Douglas.


MILAN — Kaka agrees to contract terms with AC Milan on deadline day and reportedly accepts cutting his salary by more than half to rejoin his former club. Moved - will be updated.


BERLIN — Japan captain Makoto Hasebe is joining Nuremberg from Bundesliga rival Wolfsburg. Nuremberg says the 29-year-old Hasebe signed a three-year-deal on Monday. Moved - will be updated.


BARCELONA, Spain — Gareth Bale’s arrival to Real Madrid to pair with Cristiano Ronaldo will no doubt boost the star power of the Spanish league as Real challenges Lionel Messi and Neymar’s Barcelona for the title. But under the extra coat of glamor Bale brings there festers an ongoing crisis in Spanish football: the days of entertaining games beyond the ringed walls of the Santiago Bernabeu and Camp Nou may be numbered. Simply put, the Spanish league is financially rigged for two of its 18 teams to triumph. 700 words. By 1200 GMT. By Joseph Wilson.


ROME — Hellas Verona leaves the Italian capital by train a day after its team bus is attacked by Roma fans. The incident occurred on the outskirts of the city after Roma beat the promoted side 3-0 Sunday. Some of the windows of the Verona bus were broken.


ISTANBUL — Istanbul’s 2020 committee confirms that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will travel to Argentina to make a final pitch on behalf of the city’s bid to host the games. Moved.

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