Orchids and Onions: Friday, Dec. 14, 2018

December 15, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the Parade of Lights. Thanks to all who participated, planned, and sponsored the event. What a great way to bring our community together in the channel. Beautiful beginning for the Christmas season. Merry Christmas Havasu.

Onions to the woman who ate onions for dinner and wore heavy scented perfume to a live show. It was extremely difficult to sit next to you with those negative smells and enjoy the musical.

Orchids to Carburetion Specialties for fixing my boat carburetor. It runs like it should. Good price and friendly service. I will spread the good news. Thank you, Jesse

Onions to the teacher or teachers who allow their students to give them school dollars to get out of doing homework. Also substitute teachers who don’t give the students homework, is there not a lesson plan agenda or are they just babysitters for the day?

Orchids to all the artists that donated their wonderful pieces to Allied Arts Council’s annual charity auction. You are the best! Havasu’s kids will get scholarships thanks to your generosity...thanks, again...Louise

Onions to the garage sale person selling my husband a crock pot with a bad cord. Not wanting to refund us for wasted stew ingredients says a lot about your integrity. The ruined meat alone was $7.61. I believe you’re a liar for saying you didn’t know the cord was bad!

Orchids to our great sponsors for Allied Arts Council’s annual charity auction — Anderson Auto Group; Creative Comrades; AZ Coast ENT; Havasu Pest; Havasu Family Eyecare; Horizon Bank; London Bridge Resort, Mohave Bank; Springberg McAndrew; College Street Brewhouse and Party Express. Louise

Onions to the big church youth group who thinks it is about accumulation, rather than transformation. You are not reaching the next generation!

Orchids to Dr. Buckman and his wonderful team at the Animal Hospital. We had plans to board our doggies at their facility. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we forgot to cancel our reservations. The loving staff sent us a picture of the comfy bed they had set up for Blue and Bear. Thank you!

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