Public consumption ordinance discussed at North Augusta study session

November 23, 2018

A tabled public consumption ordinance was discussed at North Augusta’s City Council study session Monday evening, but some may not have seen the item on the agenda online.

Council’s meeting agendas are posted each week before the meetings, and two different versions of Monday’s study session agenda were posted. One, labeled “SS Memo 111918,” included the discussion of the ordinance. The other, labeled “SS Memo 111918 Complete,” did not include the discussion as an item.

City Administrator Todd Glover said he assumed the mistake was due to “human error,” and said the agendas posted on the door and bulletin board of the North Augusta Municipal Building did include the tabled ordinance.

During the study session and the following meeting, no action was taken on the ordinance, which would allow patrons of Riverside Village, the development that includes SRP Park, to carry and consume alcohol outside of businesses within a specified area.

The ordinance was tabled in February of this year, but may be on the agenda at a future meeting, Glover said.

Currently, SRP Park, the Augusta GreenJackets stadium, and Ironwood Apartments are the only open businesses in Riverside Village.

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