Letter to the editor: Trump revels in coarseness

November 24, 2018

For those who lament the coarseness of the dialogue dominating our national political conversation, consider one side of the debate: a person in the ultimate position of power, whose responsibility is to lead by being an example of rectitude, civility and inclusiveness, i.e. President Trump. He has initiated the coarseness, revels in it, promotes it -- and his supporters feign shock at the depth of the hatred exhibited by the “resistance” against this loopy behavior.

In past letters I have referred to Trump as “crude, lewd, rude,” “a complete jerk” and “a childish narcissist.” Prestigious commentators, such as Republican columnist George Will, have used stronger, more colorful words, e.g. “bloviating ignoramus.”

A master of crudity, Trump destroyed 15 other Republicans in the debates and won the nomination in 2016. Now he abuses his office and uses the same lowlife tactics to crush his rivals and any who fail to show the proper obeisance. Thus the emergence of Michael Avenatti, the only street-fighter among the opposition. Booker, Warren, Schiff, Biden, Klobuchar, et al. are too nice and would all be bulldozed by the loutish and unprincipled “bloviating ignoramus” who commands the bully pulpit’s megaphone.

Voting on Nov. 6 is of the utmost importance this time around; but so is the vehement verbal resistance of the regular jackassery demonstrated by this president. (“Jackassery” = a perfectly apt description. Look it up.) BTW, “jackassery” is also suggestive of those who flock to Trump rallies and eagerly devour the red meat he throws their way in lieu of oratory.

Robert Jedrzejewski


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