Milford: Discussion on fishers at the MPL

October 2, 2018

MILFORD — Area residents are seeing more and more fishers — sometimes called fisher cats — in the region, and sleek mammals will be the subject of a talk on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. in the Milford Public Library.

The fisher is a small, carnivorous mammal native to North America. The fisher is closely related to, but larger than the American marten. It’s also about the size of a large domestic cat.

Fishers eat mice, porcupines, squirrels, rabbits, birds, and shrews, and sometimes, other carnivores. Fishers have few predators besides humans. They have been trapped since the 18th century for their fur.

Naturalist Richard Taylor will introduce us to the world of the fisher, its life cycle, preferred living quarters, and much more. Richard Taylor is a retired Human Resources executive who formerly worked for General Dynamics.

He has had an interest in wildlife his entire life, and since his retirement he has completed Connecticut’s Master Wildlife Conservationist program. He is now actively volunteering and presenting programs on wildlife to libraries and other nonprofit organizations.


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