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Astronauts Pay Tribute to Schulz

February 15, 2000

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) _ The astronauts aboard space shuttle Endeavour took time out from their Earth-mapping mission to pay tribute to ``Peanuts″ creator Charles Schulz, calling him ``a good space supporter.″

Mission Control informed the six astronauts of the cartoonist’s death over the weekend and, late Sunday, awakened the three working the overnight shift with a recording of the piano music from the Charlie Brown television shows.

Endeavour’s pilot, Dominic Gorie, called Schulz ``a good space supporter.″

``He’s made millions of people laugh and smile for the past 50 years and, of course, all those folks who have worked with NASA know he’s near and dear to us,″ Gorie said.

Gorie noted that the Apollo 10 command module was named Charlie Brown and the lunar module Snoopy. The spacecraft flew to the moon in May 1969, but did not land. It was the last dress rehearsal for the Apollo 11 moon landing.

``We know that as we’re flying down over you guys on the Earth, he’s looking from up above on us,″ Gorie said.

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