Homestead welcomes 32 new American Citizens

September 18, 2018
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New U.S. Citizens give their oath on Monday. Monday was a fitting day according to Homestead National Monument Superintendent, Mark Engler, because it was Constitution and Citizenship day.

Homestead National Monument of America hosts Naturalization Ceremonies multiple times a year.

This ceremony, held in the education center at Homestead, new citizens were welcomed to citizenship by a congressman.

Congressman Adrian Smith welcomed 32 new citizens to their new home at Monday’s ceremony. Smith was introduced by Homestead’s Superintendent Mark Engler.

“It’s not very often that we actually have a member of Congress with us, I think it is pretty special for our Congressman Adrian Smith to be with us,” Engler said.

Smith said he was honored to be at the ceremony and said that it was not only an exciting moment for the new citizens but for him as well.

“I think about what makes our country strong and it is the diversity through our immigration system, it is this process that you (the citizens) have undertaken,” Smith said.

There were many speakers at the ceremony, and a few represented Nebraska Senators who sent letters to be read on their behalf. Engler also read a letter from Rep. Jeff Fortenberry. Engler said that he found it fitting to schedule the ceremony be held on Sept. 17.

“With it being Constitution day and citizenship day, what a great thing to celebrate that and welcome you as new citizens,” Engler said.

The 32 new citizens were from multiple countries. Many of the citizens came from Mexico and Burma, but there was some citizens from the Middle East as well as Canada and South America.

Many of the citizens were shown support by their friends and family who showed up to take pictures of their big day. After the 32 new U.S. citizens finished their oath, they were given the opportunity to register to vote in the state of Nebraska.

The ceremony shows how willing Americans are to work together to help each other. One Homestead worker offered to hold a young child for a family so they could stay and watch the rest of the ceremony.

After their ceremony the Daughters of the American Revolution handed the new citizens American flags as they walked out the door. As the DAR congratulated and handed out the flags they were greeted by the many grins of the new citizens.

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