CLEVELAND (AP) _ A series that no one thought could get stranger did just that Sunday night. For the second straight game, the focal point was home plate, and again Baltimore came out on the short end.

On Saturday night, Cleveland's Marquis Grissom stole home for a 2-1 victory in the 12th inning when Omar Vizquel missed a squeeze bunt and catcher Lenny Webster failed to come up with it in time to get Grissom, claiming the ball was fouled off.

On Sunday, with the bases loaded and the game tied 5-all in the bottom of the fifth, Baltimore reliever Arthur Rhodes threw a wild pitch with Grissom at the plate.

This time, as Webster scampered to his left to retrieve the ball, David Justice slid into Rhodes, and Webster's throw caromed off Justice.

Sandy Alomar, who began the play at second, kept running toward the plate. This time, it was Rhodes who ran to retrieve the ball and third baseman Cal Ripken who raced to cover the plate.

But just like Saturday night, the Orioles got control of the ball too late to do themselves any good. Alomar's run gave Cleveland a 7-5 lead.