SOLON, Iowa (AP) _ Still excited about his hole-in-one at the sixth hole, Tony Niehaus was preparing to tee off on the seventh when he heard screaming from the green behind him. Someone had repeated his feat.

Within minutes, two golfers had aced the 172-yard, par-3 hole at Lake Macbride Golf Course on Sunday.

``It's astonishing,'' said John Nash of Iowa City, who had the second ace. ``A hole-in-one is fun for anybody. What are the odds of getting two in succession? That was phenomenal.''

Both Nash and Niehaus, of Cedar Rapids, used a 7-iron.

``There was a 15- to 20-mile-an-hour crosswind,'' Niehaus said. ``I hit right at it and the ball just kept going straight the whole time.''

Niehaus' shot hit the front of the green and rolled about 20 feet into the hole; Nash's rolled in from the left bank.