Spring Branch ISD launches IT project to empower students and families

September 30, 2018

Spring Branch Independent School District and its nonprofit partner, Spring Branch Education Foundation, have announced plans to create a student-centered informational dashboard that will improve its current data system and meet the growing needs of students and families for current information.Through this project, SBISD will overhaul its data architecture so that information once inaccessible will now be delivered real-time to educators, learners and parents. A complete view of student progress will enable educators to provide the right support at the right time, according to Christina Masick, SBISD chief information officer.This work has been made possible by a grant to SBEF from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.“Making secure, real-time information available to educators is absolutely critical to The Learner’s Journey,” said SBISD Superintendent Scott R. Muri, Ed.D. “We have created a culture of high expectations for all students, which places increased importance on students to take responsibility for their own learning. Providing students with real-time feedback on their progress will empower them and their families to make data-informed decisions.”Building on the Ed-Fi Data Standard, the standard used for exchange of student data that ensures security and privacy, SBISD’s IT system will seamlessly connect educational data systems currently siloed.“This is foundational work that makes multiple data systems compatible,” Masick explained. “Our goal is to make all student information available on one dashboard so that students and families have a full-view of the student’s academic journey. They will be able to measure current progress in order to reach their academic goals. If intervention is necessary, parents will know that.”Currently, SBISD houses important student data in many formats, including online and paper files. Searching for online data means logging into multiple programs with limited tools to measure programmatic performance.“At the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, we work to help ensure educators have critical data at their fingertips so they can best support the students who need it most,” said Lyria Zeh, program officer, Data Driven Education, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. “Our work with SBISD enables teachers and parents in Spring Branch to use data to help students with the right intervention at the right times.”“Unifying our data systems positions SBISD to make data more actionable for teaching, learning and operational improvements. This is key to the district’s Learner’s Journey, and we are grateful to the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation for partnering with us to make this possible,” said Elliott Witney, SBISD associate superintendent for Academic Design and Performance.SBISD students and families can expect to see the first iteration of the student-centered dashboard over the course of the next year.

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