Gary Johnson running for Senate seat in New Mexico

August 17, 2018

He was governor of New Mexico twice and ran for president as a Libertarian twice. Now Gary Johnson confirms he’s running for the Senate seat in New Mexico, again as a Libertarian.

He has already released a first campaign video full of slick images and strategic words such as “self-made,” “proven” and “disciplined.”

Mr. Johnson is ruffling some feathers. The advocacy group ProgressNow New Mexico already has issued a set of voter guidelines titled “10 Reasons Why Gary Johnson is Wrong for New Mexico.”

The Cook Political Report previously rated the New Mexico Senate race as “solid Democrat,” favoring incumbent Sen. Martin Heinrich. GOP challenger and builder Mick Rich, meanwhile, promises to bring a “new perspective” to the race.

Mr. Johnson, however, has some political currency.

“Here’s a guy who vetoed close to 900 bills and simply would not accept any increase in the size and scope of government. That seems to be right in the wheelhouse of measurable disgust with both the left and the right. He may be the perfect third-party option right now,” says Republican strategist and former New Mexico state Sen. Rod Adair, who believes that independents, along with conservative Latino Democrats and some Republicans will take notice.

Elizabeth Brierly, media coordinator for the Libertarian Party, concurred.

“The theme of Johnson’s new campaign video is that he’s fiscally conservative and socially cool,” she said. “Most Democratic and Republican politicians are neither. This year, voters in New Mexico and throughout the nation will have hundreds of good Libertarians to vote for, which beats voting for the lesser of two evils. The lesser of two evils is still evil.”

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