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Police Chief Says He’ll Keep Thugs in Dark

March 28, 1985

DENVER (AP) _ Police officers will try a lot of things to make their jobs easier and safer, and salesmen know it. But Police Chief Tom Coogan is gently rejecting one new product - set of small flashlights worn on the head like eyeglasses.

″I think it has a lot of good merits, and I could see using them to read with at night,″ Coogan said. ″But I don’t think they have any practical purposes for our officers.″

Coogen received the device, called Headlights, from a Denver marketing firm this week.

In a letter to Coogan, President Brian Ward of Profile Marketing Associates said, ″One possible application might be as optional equipment for your patrolmen. Wearing these while approaching a car at night would permit full use of both hands.″

The device is powered by four AA-cell batteries and is advertised on its box as having several uses ″in the car or at home″ and ″when you need a flashlight and both hands free.″

But with the protruding lamps mounted on the device’s frames, a wearer appears Martian-like. And there’s no dimmer switch.

Detective Pete Lombard also noted that wearing them would be just short of telling ″bad guys″ where to shoot.

Ward’s company actually is geared for more serious stuff, such as wholesaling crystal or monogrammed luggage.

″We ran across them (Headlights) and decided to distribute them in Colorado,″ Ward said. ″Somebody suggested for me to send them to Chief Coogan. We want to have fun with them.″

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