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Chronology of Impeachment Proceedings Against Brazil’s President With AM-Brazil, Bjt

September 29, 1992

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) _ President Fernando Collor de Mello is the first leader in Brazil’s 103-year history as a republic to face an impeachment vote. Here in brief is how the crisis unfolded:

May 10: The president’s brother, Pedro Collor, accuses Brazil’s leader of running an influence-peddling ring with former campaign treasurer Paulo Cesar Farias. Pedro Collor says the ring extorted millions of dollars from businessmen who received government contracts.

May 26: Congress creates special committee to investigate the charges.

June 27: Collor’s former chauffeur, Eriberto Franca, confirms most of the charges against the president. Franca says he personally received money from Farias’ employees to pay Collor’s personal expenses.

Aug. 26: Congressional committee votes 16-5 to approve final report recommending Collor’s impeachment.

Sept. 1: Brazilian Bar Association presents formal request for impeachment to lower house of congress.

Sept. 8: House speaker Ibsen Pinheiro announces formation of new special commission to examine impeachment request from the Bar Association. Government challenges the rules established by Pinheiro in petition to Supreme Court.

Sept. 23: Supreme Court rejects Collor’s challenge, sweeping away all legal obstacles to the impeachment vote.

Sept. 24: Special commission approves report calling for Collor’s impeachment by 32-1 vote.

Sept. 29: Full 503-member lower house of congress votes on impeachment of Collor. If approved by two-thirds margin, the president is suspended for 180 days while the senate decides whether to remove him permanently.

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