Alan Webber: ‘Rabbit hole feeling’ taking hold here

March 26, 2019

Did you see the headline about the protest at the State Capitol last Wednesday concerning abortion?

Evidently, in its quest to keep up with California and New York as the most progressive states, Illinois is considering new legislation which basically kicks open any remaining doors to abortion, and at your expense. To protest this ridiculous legislation, there was a small contingent of Pro-Life activists and a few legislators in attendance.

According to Rebecca Anzel, of Capitol News Illinois, the “bills are proposed by four Democrats from both chambers of the General Assembly. One would allow a minor to get an abortion procedure without notifying her parent or guardian. The other would repeal and replace the state’s abortion statute with language supporters say is more up-to-date.”

The first bill is designed to take your parental right away should your minor daughter get impregnated. OK, to be politically correct, it would apply in case your minor son gets impregnated, too. In their radicalism to mandate that no other person, being or legislative body dare have any say in stopping the aborting of a baby, the “anti-life” group now is perfectly content with taking your parental rights away as well. In their mind, you will allow for abortions, it’s none of your business who is having an abortion, including your daughter, and you will help pay for hers and others whether you like it or not. You pay for abortion through your taxes because the government believes they know how to spend your money better than you do.

As I read the rest of the article, the “language” updates are designed to keep out any future meddling the United States Supreme Court might do. The “anti-life” group is worried the murder of future babies could be slowed should SCOTUS start meddling in that whole Roe v. Wade decision.

My limited Bible teaching taught me there were Ten Commandments, but it seems as if with the “anti-life” group, the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision became the equivalent of the addition of an Eleventh Commandment that was added to Moses’ original tablets. Does seem to clash with the “Thou Shalt Not Kill” directive though.

One Illinois legislator, Representative Terri Bryant, a Republican from Murphysboro, was quoted as saying, “I feel a little bit like I’ve fallen through the rabbit hole. Everything is upside down, backwards and inside out in just using the name.”

The bill, she argued, has nothing to do with reproductive health. I re-read that last line a few times. Bingo, I thought.

I was not there nor would I know Rep. Bryant if she smacked me upside the head. But I felt her comments did, in fact, hit me right upside my hard-old Chebanse noggin. Because it’s exactly the way I feel, as well as most/both of my readers, when I hear this type of thought or legislation being forced down our throat. I thought maybe it was just living this close to Chicago, but Rep. Bryant could hardly live any further away and still be in Illinois.

The “rabbit-hole feeling” is happening regularly in progressive states such as Illinois, New York and California — all states where people are leaving in droves. We have to wonder, where has the sanity gone? You want to do what, and I need to pay for it? Who’s going to pay for it after we all leave? Didn’t Ayn Rand write eloquently on that very subject in 1957 in her novel “Atlas Shrugged?”

Seems American life is becoming a giant rabbit hole:

• Abort babies practically at will, regardless of age or citizenship status.

• Allow 16-year-olds and illegal aliens to vote.

• Disallow any territorial borders or barriers regardless of carnage inflicted on others.

• Collude on presidential elections at the highest level, and when that doesn’t work — keep the president embroiled in defending himself rather than enacting legislation good for all Americans.

Gender-neutral pronouns, reparations, free college, free health- care, Social-Democrats and gun control conversations had as if it is just a matter of time that we will all just understand and succumb. They’ll tell us where to deposit our guns and how much to write the check for.

I’m beginning to wonder how much further we, as an American people, can go down this road. Radical ideologies, regardless of which way of center, simply cannot be tolerated by those that are furthest from the fashionable views.

The Democratic Party continues to hurl itself further left, while the alternative, the Republican Party, stands around with a look of a deer caught up in headlights. Even older Democrats have to question how much more they can hold on for, as surely, they have the proverbial tiger by the tail.