Hundreds of teachers line up for free RaceTrac gift cards in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day

May 8, 2019

EAST COBB — Hundreds of teachers descended upon two RaceTrac gas stations in Cobb on Tuesday to receive a $20 gift card from the Cobb-based company in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day.

The giveaway was scheduled for 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday — by 4:45 p.m., the two locations had already given away a total of more than 600 gift cards.

A RaceTrac employee had to don a yellow vest and direct cars in and out of the RaceTrac on Roswell Road in east Cobb, and a line for teachers to show their IDs and get their gift cards wound around the building with several dozen lined up at a time.

“We just wanted to give back to the teachers that work in the area that we also work in,” said Liz Howell, communications manager for RaceTrac, who was on hand to give away the gift cards.

Cecilia Questad, a teacher at East Cobb Christian School who has been an educator for 20 years, said the gesture was a kind way for the company to show that teachers are appreciated.

“I think it’s awesome. Really kind, out of their way,” Questad said. “They didn’t have to do it. ... My kids in my class appreciate me every day, I know that. I know their parents do as well. But this is just a nice thing to know that the community’s looking out for teachers, especially this time of year.”

Kathie Taylor, who teaches at Powers Ferry Elementary School, said it was “a great day to be a teacher.”

Hope Imarhia, a special education teacher at East Cobb Middle School, said it was nice to know the community cares about its teachers.

“That’s supportive and that’s commendable,” Imarhia said.

RaceTrac’s headquarters is in Cumberland.