‘Fallout 76’ parties planned in Charleston and Huntington for video game release

November 14, 2018

Let the Fallout begin.

Wednesday, Nov. 14 is the worldwide release day for Bethesda Studios new Fallout game, “Fallout 76” and there will be celebrations around the state.

From 2 to 4 p.m. Wednesday, the West Virginia Tourism Office, located in the first floor of Building 3 at the State Capitol Complex, will be celebrating the official launch of the highly-anticipated video game Fallout 76.

As part of the Tourism Office’s exclusive partnership with game developer Bethesda Softworks, Vault Boy will be making a special guest appearance at the State Capitol in Charleston tomorrow. Exclusive Fallout 76 giveaways will be available for the first 100 visitors.

There will also be an opportunity to play the game, take photos with Vault Boy and giveaways

To learn more about the Tourism Office’s exclusive promotional partnership, visit WVtourism.com/Fallout76.

From 2 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 15, Marshall University Special Collections and Marshall University Libraries are teaming up for a special “VaultMU Reclamation Day Celebration at Marshall University’s Special Collections at Morrow Library, which is transforming the second floor of the Morrow Library into a Fallout Vault with streamers, balloons, giveaways, and seven game stations as well as prizes, food, videogames and West Virginia history and folklore.

Play the game, enjoy Fallout & West Virginia themed snacks, take behind the scene tours of the Special Collections department, and learn more about West Virginia and Digital Humanities at this event sponsored by CIT, Digital Humanities and HerdCon.

The first major video game ever set in West Virginia, “Fallout 76,” is a post-apocalyptic video game with an atompunk style based on the culture and style of the American 1950s. The premise of Fallout 76 is that the year is 2102. Nuclear war wrecked much of Earth 25 years earlier. You’re a survivor who emerges from Vault 76, a fallout shelter in the hills of West Virginia. It’s “Reclamation Day” and you must re-colonize the nuclear post-apocalyptic wasteland.

“Fallout 76,” which is expected to generate nearly $1 billion in sales in the first 24 hours of its release and introduce 20 million players from around the world to the beauty and history of West Virginia. The game pays homage to West Virginia by showcasing more than 50 sites including such iconic West Virginia sites as Huntington’s historic amusement park Camden Park, the gold-domed State Capitol, the west entrance of The Greenbrier, the New River Gorge Bridge and Woodburn Hall at WVU in Morgantown. Locally, there is also the Ric Griffith Pumpkin House, Hillbilly Hotdogs, and many other landmarks in the video game in which players battle such West Virginia monsters as Mothman in a post-apocolyptic landscape made of up six different regions.

To learn more about the Tourism Office’s exclusive promotional partnership, visit WVtourism.com/Fallout76.

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