Border security is more than a metaphor

January 7, 2019

Just to be clear, clarity being something unheard of in the Republican dialog, arrests are down at the southern border and have been going down for years.

Knowing that illegal crossings at the southern border are at a 17-year low, there should be an education push to make up for the fearmongering from the right as to the seriousness of the “problem.” More immigration violations happen through overstaying of visitor visas than by those who risk coming across the desert to get here.

Keeping the government closed and continuing to hold 800,000 federal employees hostage on the basis of what Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham calls a metaphor will do nothing to change the immigration issues we face. Can you even fund a metaphor?

The current administration has yet to provide a clear-cut plan to actually address the issue or even come up with a cogent description of what a border wall would be. Wall, fence, steel slats, transparent brick wall, concrete wall with beautiful solar panels on top have all been used by Trump to define his border security measures.

So yes, take all that and figure out how to design and implement it in a time frame that anyone over the age of 40 could see come to fruition before dying of old age.

Reopening the government — letting hardworking, taxpaying federal employees go back to their jobs — while continuing the current funding would give our leaders the time to come up with something tangible, visible, effective and ,possibly, something more fundable than a metaphor.

Terry Rothwell is a retired small-business owner, voter and faithful taxpayer.

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