Healthy Lake Winona group gets boost from Prairie Moon Nursery

May 3, 2019

Healthy Lake Winona is a citizen-led group dedicated to Lake Winona shore restoration.

This small group of volunteers has already accomplished quite a bit in its two years since inception, from removing invasive species to planting diversified native seed mixes and native wetland plugs. You can see their work in progress east of the bandshell.

The group’s mission is to create a healthy, natural environment that supports a wide variety of native plant and animal species in and around the lake, in turn providing a healthy lake with recreational opportunities for all ages.

Prairie Moon Nursery, in rural Winona county, is an online nursery selling native seeds and plants, serving customers primarily in the Midwest and Northeast. Prairie Moon was so impressed by Healthy Lake Winona’s commitment and organization as an extraordinary example of what can be done by a small group of dedicated people at the grassroots level, that it decided to run an online campaign where 5 percent of profits from sales in the days leading up to Earth Day on April 22 would be donated back to this group.

Prairie Moon customers responded and a $1,353 donation was the result of their purchases!

Gabe Erickson, of Heathy Lake Winona, said that the donation will be used for the next steps in a healthy Lake Winona: to reduce excess nutrients in the lake and to work on re-vegetation of degraded lakeshores.