SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) _ A 5-year-old girl, mauled by a wolf-dog 10 months ago, is recovering from a second attack by another hybrid wolf.

This time, Melonie Honodel needed 80 stitches to close head and face wounds. Surgeons spent two hours Sunday trying to repair her left eyelid.

Last November, she suffered 40 puncture wounds in her chest and back in an attack by a different wolf-dog.

''It was real scary when it happened this time,'' Melonie's mother, Betty Honodel, said Tuesday. ''When she screamed ... I felt totally sick. I couldn't believe that out of nowhere this dog had bitten her.

''When I found out the dog had some wolf in it, I couldn't believe this exact same thing had happened again.''

The Honodels were visiting friends on Saturday when the 3-year-old German shepherd-wolf mix lunged at Melonie in a hallway. Last year, Melonie, then 4, was mauled by another wolf-dog owned by family friends.

Both dogs that attacked Melonie were destroyed, said Marianne Niemczyk, director of Spokane County Animal Control.