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Chronology of the Simpson Wrongful Death Suit

September 14, 1996

Key dates in the O.J. Simpson wrongful death civil case:

JUNE 1994

12: Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman stabbed to death outside her condominium.

17: Simpson charged with murder in the slayings.

27: Goldman’s estranged mother files wrongful death lawsuit against Simpson, alleging he ``willfully, wantonly and maliciously″ killed her son.


22: Simpson pleads ``absolutely, 100 percent not guilty″ to murder charges; criminal case assigned to Superior Court Judge Lance Ito.


26: Criminal trial begins with jury selection.

MAY 1995

4: Goldman’s father and sister file wrongful death civil lawsuit against Simpson.


12: Estate of Ms. Simpson files civil lawsuit alleging that Simpson ``brutally and with malice aforethought stalked, attacked and repeatedly stabbed and beat″ his ex-wife.


2: After less than four hours of deliberation, jury in Simpson’s criminal trial notifies the judge that it has reached a verdict.

3: Simpson is acquitted of criminal murder charges.

24: Goldman family lawyer attorney Daniel M. Petrocelli files court motions requesting that Simpson’s seized property be temporarily withheld from Simpson for review as possible evidence in pending civil suits.


15: Santa Monica Superior Court Judge Alan Haber refuses a request by Simpson attorney Robert C. Baker to keep secret the transcript of Simpson’s upcoming deposition. The judge also consolidates lawsuits against Simpson filed by Goldman’s father and sister, Goldman’s mother and Ms. Simpson’s family.


13: Simpson’s ex-girlfriend, model Paula Barbieri, meets with attorneys to give the first of many witness depositions to be taken in the civil case.

19: The judge rules the plaintiffs in the suit may examine Simpson’s his financial records.


22: Simpson begins his deposition.


1: Haber rules the civil trial will begin Sept. 9 to give lawyers more time to prepare.


25: Haber orders Simpson to spend another half-day giving closed-door deposition testimony. The judge also orders the arrest of O.J. Simpson friend Dr. Ronald Fischman because he refused to appear for a deposition.


8: Petrocelli says Fischman has agreed to show up for his deposition and pay $4,000 for failing to appear before.

15: Haber temporarily bars Simpson’s star scientific witness from testifying in the upcoming civil trial, ruling that Dr. Henry Lee failed to sign the proper paperwork that would have allowed him to be a witness.

16: Haber is appointed to preside over the trial.

17: After a pre-emptive challenge by Simpson’s lawyer, Haber is removed from the Simpson case. Judge Jack Newman is appointed to take Haber’s place in hearing additional pending pre-trial motions.

23: Judge Hiroshi Fujisaki is appointed as trial judge.


13: Fujisaki imposes a gag order barring public comments by lawyers, witnesses and other trial participants about ``anything connected with this trial.″ Legal analysts call the move unusual and predict appeals.

15: Simpson’s lawyer files a motion objecting to the news media’s request for video and audio coverage of the trial.

23: Fujisaki bars television cameras, still photographers and sketch artists from the courtroom for the trial. The judge also says he will seal all records of bench conference proceedings and any hearings held outside of the jury’s presence during the duration of the trial.

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