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On The Light Side

April 25, 1987

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. (AP) _ Sister Ann Busch spent six hours a little closer to heaven the other day, while perched on a school roof to keep her end of a bargain made during a student book-fund drive.

The nun, who is in her late 30s, said the time atop St. Mary’s School on Friday just flew with the help of her students.

″Some sang me songs, some read poems,″ she said. ″I thought six hours would be a long time, but it didn’t turn out that way.″

Sister Busch, the principal, promised students she’d spend the day on the roof if their fund-raising efforts brought in $10,000 to buy atlases, science books and encyclopedia sets for each classroom.


RIALTO, Calif. (AP) - Rialto’s City Council is divided over the use of its new brass business cards, which cost the community a pretty penny.

Mayor Elvin Meek has garnered some allies for the 2,500 image-building cards he purchased for $2,458, compared with about $50 for 2,500 business cards made of white paper. But not all council members have taken a shine to the cards, inscribed with the city’s seal, which Meek said will focus attention on Rialto.

″So do tire-burning plants, but that doesn’t mean we ought to have one,″ said Councilman John Longville.

Councilman John McClure sided with Meek.

″I think they are a great advertising tool,″ McClure said. ″Before, I never had anything that I could say, ‘Here, we are from Rialto. Look us up next time you are in Southern California.’ It’s a way to do a little promotion.″

Christine Sexton, the owner of the San Rafael company that made the cards for Meek, said the company now is looking into making silver-plated cards, ″for the upper limits, if you will.″

But not for Councilman Sam Curtis. ″No thanks,″ he said. ″I’m not planning on visiting the royal family.″

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