Reactions lead to fewer food dyes -- Joyce I. Waldorf

December 22, 2018

I read with interest the Dec. 12 article “Artificial dyes fading from food.”

While the article was good, it misses a big reason why these dyes are disappearing from food. They are disappearing because many people like myself are allergic to artificial dyes or have “reactions” to them -- our mucus membranes swell up, we get a headache, we cough, and we have a general malaise.

These dyes have been pervasive in the past, being put in candy, cereal, pills, soft drinks, marshmallows, salmon, gravy and soup. It is a real blessing when companies start using plant coloring, such as beta carotene or beets, instead of the artificial colors.

The plant coloring costs a bit more, but certainly are welcome to those of us who suffer from this problem.

Joyce I. Waldorf, Madison

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