Penn State wants you to eat an avocado every day for 6 months

September 25, 2018

Do you like avocados? Really like avocados?

A new study is looking for people to eat one avocado a day for six months. There are also looking for participants not to eat an avocado a day for six months.

The study led by Loma Linda University, in conjunction with Penn State University, Tufts University and UCLA, is looking to determine the effect of avocados on a person’s weight and health.

Avocados contain the highest fat content of any fruit, but they may help people lose belly fat, according to Loma Linda University. That’s the thinking behind the study.

“The study will examine whether eating one avocado per day reduces visceral adipose fat in the abdomen,” Dr. Joan Sabaté with Loma Linda said.

It’s a 6-month study and participants will get free avocados. Participants will be measured for abdominal fat, vascular health, and blood markers (cholesterol, glucose) at the start of the study, week 12 and week 26.

You will be paid -- $300 -- and get small gifts throughout the study.

Qualifications for the study include: be at least 25 years old; have BMI of at least 25 for women or at least 27 for men; not be pregnant, lactating, or have an intention of pregnancy during the trial; and no significant body weight change in the last year.

Loma Linda in Southern California has been overwhelmed with people looking to be part of the study, so they have enough folks, but Penn State is looking for participants, though they only are taking people that live near campus in Univeristy Park -- go here for more info.

The four school are recruiting 250 participants each, for a total of 1,000 participants in the study.

The study is funded by the Hass Avocado Board.

Sabaté said sponsorship will not affect the findings. “For the last 20 years, we have been doing dietary intervention studies on plant-based foods and nuts. We are rigorous in our selection of projects,” he said.

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