Committee on cops has done little -- David Blaska

August 2, 2018

The ad hoc Madison School Board committee studying cops in Madison’s public schools finds that “some of our students who, just by the mere presence of the officers, feel unsafe and have difficulty relating to school as a result.”

How many is “some of our students?” Is it 1 percent? 2 percent?

The citizens of Madison see police every day -- patrolling the streets, responding to calls for help. Might our schools be a learning opportunity for those students?

During the last school year, all four police serving our high schools were minorities. Does the school board believe these officers are racist?

What parent group, which school principals, and how many teachers are calling for police to be expelled?

The police officer stationed at La Follette high school disarmed a student who brought a loaded handgun into the school shortly after the Parkland, Florida massacre. I doubt the average biology teacher could have done so.

After 17 months, this committee has sat too long for any good it has done. As Oliver Cromwell said, “Depart and let us have done with you.” In the name of God, renew the contract with the Madison Police and extend their service to the middle schools.

David Blaska, Madison

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