Marty Brown: The press: Friends of America or enemies of the people?

August 24, 2018


I understand from you recent editorial why you would be defensive regarding an assertion that the press is the “Enemy of the People.” I am very defensive of my industry as well. Yet I think you miss the point President Trump is making and why many common-sense Americans (some call his base) understand his satirical comments.

News we dislike is one thing, but the national media gets the story wrong at an alarming frequency. There are many daily examples of this. MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post, etc., get it wrong at an alarming rate.Is this by design to discredit our constitutionally elected president? (Trump Derangement Syndrome) Or is it inept laziness from reporters trying to meet deadlines, failing to investigate and report accurate facts?

We witness this all too often. How many stories are regurgitated from The New York Times, Washington Post etc. reported as gospel? Where did they get their facts? I think too often fabricated, thus “fake news”.

Who then can the public trust? Certainly, Candidate Trump understood not to trust the media. So, he cleverly by-passed the press using social media instead, sometimes to get his message out directly, sometimes a little bait and switch. Does anyone awake in America not know what is on the president’s mind? Common-sense Americans do. When the media spins the facts to mean something else most Americans know it and lose their trust in them. This is an incredible disservice to our country and our freedoms. In true Trump fashion he is holding the press accountable, fake news or otherwise. We get it and the media hates it.

Americans should all agree that freedom of the press is a founding constitutional principle as important as freedom of speech, freedom of religion etc. Historically the press has played an important role in holding government accountable. Please hold yourselves accountable as well media. For a fee society to thrive the public needs timely, accurate information, not spin or bias. The American people should likewise hold the press accountable, including social media outlets. If the news industry does not understand they are doing a tremendous disservice to our country with inaccurate reporting, AKA “Fake News”. Enemies or not, they have failed in their constitutional responsibilities.

Marty Brown

Lake Havasu City

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