RJ Easterly: Why we need mass transit

February 18, 2019

Editor: In response to Mr. Martin’s myopic views of Havasu’s need for rapid transit I would suggest he “walk a mile in my shoes” before stating it’s a waste of tax money. Most government agencies are dependent upon taxpayers for funding and rely on elected officials to determine how the money is spent. The guidelines for spending tax money is spend the most money to do the most good for the most people. I believe Mr. Martin does not use the bus because it is not cost effective. I also question of subsidizing the local taxis when on three occasions they did not respond my pick up call.

I believe Havasu Mobility provides first-cabin service with blue-ribbon customer service. My only complaint against them is from lack of equipment and/or personnel.

When you get to the point you can’t walk, can’t drive, don’t live in your own home, have appointments with half a dozen doctors who chart your bodily functions make being able to make appointments, meetings and dates give a sense of freedom and living.

Mr. Martin, I’ll give you one piece of advice: Don’t get old, because old age is not for wimps!

RJ Easterly

Lake Havasu City