Tom Hughes: Come together, right now

November 23, 2018


Dale Lockwood’s letter of Nov. 21 reminded me of the expression “We’re not sure who discovered water, but we are certain it wasn’t a fish”.

Calling Democrats every name in the book from socialists to communists, the letter claims that “Liberals epitomize hatred.” Mr Lockwood, please look at your own words.

Also, Mr Lockwood, you need to improve your research skills beyond chain letters and Fox News. For example, you claimed that illegal immigration costs the US $338 billion a year. That number comes from a 2011 “study” by FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform). FAIR is hardly unbiased. The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies FAIR as a hate group with close ties to white supremacist groups. By the way, in 2017 FAIR itself updated its original “study” by stating that illegal immigration cost $200 billion less than their 2011 claim. On the other hand, an academic peer-reviewed 2011 study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that unauthorized immigrants are actually prolonging the life of the Medicare Trust Fund because they pay in more than they take out. In addition, immigrants contributed about $115 billion more to the Medicare Trust Fund than they took out while US-born people generated a $31 billion deficit (Health Affairs, 2013). Let’s find a way to come together on comprehensive immigration reform instead of calling each other names.

Tom Hughes

Lake Havasu City

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