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Some of the New Charges Against Defendants in Riot-Related Beatings With AM-LA Riot

May 28, 1992

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Here are some of the accusations in a new complaint filed Thursday against Damian ″Football″ Williams, Henry Keith ″Kiki″ Watson and Antoine ″Twan″ Miller, who previously were charged with the beating of trucker Reginald Denny:

- Takao Hirata was pulled from his truck and beaten after being stopped by projectiles thrown at it. He is believed to be the first motorist attacked at the intersection of Florence and Normandie avenues.

- Alicia Maldonado’s car was hit by various objects and her purse was stolen after Williams allegedly pointed her out as a target and hurled a rock at her car.

- Terrance Manning, a city Fire Department battalion chief and son of the city’s fire chief, and firefighter Fred Mathis were in a marked car en route to a fire when a full champagne bottle was hurled through the windshield and an ax was embedded in the roof.

- Fidel Lopez was pulled from his truck and beaten. His wallet, tools and truck were stolen. Williams allegedly poured a caustic liquid on Lopez, pulled down his pants and spray painted his chest, stomach and genitals with black paint before a minister intervened to stop the attack.

- Larry Tarvan, driving a truck filled with medical supplies, was pulled from the vehicle and kicked. He suffered broken ribs and head injuries. The medical supplies were stolen.

- Marisa Bejar was driving a vehicle occupied by Francisco Aragon and Bejar’s 7-month-old son, Joshua. Miller allegedly leaned into the car and struck Aragon in the face with a brick, then smashed a back window, sending a shower of glass down on the baby, who suffered multiple cuts.

- A car driven by Alfonzo Vaca and occupied by Manuel and Maria Vaca smashed into a pickup when the driver was struck in the head with a brick. The passengers were pulled from the car and beaten. All three escaped after they were robbed of money and jewelry.

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