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Candidates Tax Positions

September 22, 1999

Positions of the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates on whether federal tax dollars should be used to help parents send their children to private schools:



Bill Bradley: No, although he voted as senator for experimental voucher programs.

Vice President Al Gore: No. Favors more choice among public schools.



Gary Bauer: Yes, and for home schooling as well.

Pat Buchanan: Yes.

Gov. George W. Bush: Yes. Would take federal money from poorly performing schools and let parents use it for private schooling, tutoring or ``whatever offers hope.″

Elizabeth Dole: Yes.

Steve Forbes: Yes, and for home schooling as well.

Sen. Orrin Hatch: Yes.

Alan Keyes: No known position.

Sen. John McCain: Yes. School vouchers worth $2,000 for disadvantaged children under three-year, $5.4 billion program to be paid for by eliminating ethanol, sugar, gas and oil subsidies.

Dan Quayle: Yes.

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