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Voices on Clinton and the future

January 17, 1997

A sampling of opinion on President Clinton, national goals and the state of the country:

_``He seems to be giving the right amount of strength to the country.″ Jack McCulloch, 46, Woodstock, Ga., stock trader and Republican.

_``He doesn’t seem to be putting much on the line. He’s putting out the fires as they come along.″ Julia Spalding, 29, Indianapolis.

_``We’ve seen crime and drug use among kids increase over the last four years. What has he done to stop this?″ Sadie Hohenstien, 32, Democrat, Albuquerque, N.M., bookstore clerk.

_``He’s got to give some leadership. He’s got to say, `Hey, we’re all in this together.′ He turned out to be more competent than I thought he was. Maybe he’s learned.″ Jeremy Foltz, 32, Madison, University of Wisconsin lecturer.

_``We’re in a better way. There’s confidence in the economy and people are able to spend money.″ David Hoeckel, 44, advertising director, Baltimore.

_``There’s nothing but deception, lies, back-room deals and unethical behavior.″ Harry Boeselager, 52, Princeton, N.J., stock trader.

_``A balanced budget, just because of the impact on the overall economy. I think it’s just barbarous what we’re doing to our children’s future.″ The Rev. Patrick Warren, 47, First Presbyterian Church, Niagara Falls, N.Y..

_``My biggest concern is, am I going to have anything after I retire? What I want him to do is to guarantee me my cushion, after I’ve worked all these years, like my grandparents and my parents have.″ Kiona Crum, 22, Frederick County, Md., nursing student.

_``I think he tells people what they want to hear. I don’t feel like he can take a stand on an issue and stay with it all the way through.″ Aimee Kerrigan, 27, Dallas office assistant who voted for Bob Dole.

_``I’m just satisfied with the way things are going.″ Shirley Wieseler, 56, Pierre, S.D., dry cleaning worker.

_``I wish there was a way for him to accomplish what he and Hillary started on health care. I regret that they weren’t able to do something about the system.″ Joanna Bligh, 47, Hopkinton, N.H., medical education administrator who lacks full insurance for a chronic health condition.

_``I’d like to see him save Medicare and Social Security. And I’d like to see him get the prices of things down so wages can catch up with the economy. You can always find a job. You want a job that’s paying some money.″ Craven Miles, 49, Greensboro, N.C.

_``He messes around with the budget too much. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. You can headline your story, `Get Him Out of My Life.‴ Carrie McCullough, 19, Coralville, Iowa, dentist’s receptionist.

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