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November 11, 1985

Undated (AP) _ ″I heard a rumbling and the window just turned orange. I just started running, just trying to tell everybody to run away. I just saw a big hunk of metal on fire.″ Michael Korinko, 16, who lived next door to one of five buildings set afire when two small planes collided over Cliffside Park, N.J. Police estimated that up to 20 people may be found dead in the rubble.


″There were objections to virtually every item on the draft.″ - Paul H. Nitze, Reagan’s chief arms control adviser, in saying that Moscow rejected almost every item in the U.S. version of a proposed joint communique to be issued after the Geneva summit.


″It will not be long before the day that the Arab flag will fly over Jerusalem and the voices (from the mosques) will cry, ‘God is great’ and the bells will ring from the churches,″ Jordan’s King Hussein speaking at the Royal Military Academy in Amman.

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