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Blockages gone, fish back in post-Sandy projects in 6 states

November 25, 2018

SPRING LAKE, N.J. (AP) — Projects to help parts of six states recover after Superstorm Sandy have improved the ability of fish to move through formerly blocked waterways, while also helping reduce the risk of flooding in those areas.

After the 2012 storm, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has spent nearly $11 million on a series of projects to remove dams and other blockages from coastal waterways in six states, partnering with local environmental groups.

Fish species that were scarce or entirely absent from those waterways for years soon began showing up again.

Projects in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia were part of a $105 million effort not only to fix storm damage, but to improve conditions in places where an improved environment could also help the local economy.

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