TC Line: Selfish Hearts

August 4, 2018

Road closures

• It is only a matter of time before we have to read a TC Line call from a conservative, anti-bicycle, anti-athlete, anti-Boulder caller calling in to whine about the inconvenience of road closures for the triathlon in Boulder County. The irony is, they would never call to complain about the same roads being closed for a patriotic parade or another purpose close to their own selfish hearts.

• I’ve just been reading about all the road closures that will be enforced Saturday to accommodate the Ironman competition. It appears to me that all of these closures are jeopardizing people’s accessibility to ambulance services if they’re needed and/or other emergency vehicles. That can’t be right.

Cruise night

Goodness, cruise night was so much fun. The diesel pickups were not spouting their yucky exhaust all over the place. The cars were all traveling very politely. It was a blast. There were hundreds of people lining Main Street enjoying the old hot rods and the classic cars. I am so sorry to see that all these people have nothing to do (but) complain about the flags. I would hate to see that interfere with the Longmont Downtown Authority and the city of Longmont providing police support to keep us from having that again. It was so much fun. Thank you, Longmont

Confederate flag

• If you insist on flying the Confederate flag, please fly their last one: the white flag. That is also history.

• For me, the Confederate flag has turned into a symbol for the “panicked white men” and the women who want the white men to be in charge of things like they were in the ’50s and ’60s. Those days are gone, boys. It doesn’t exist anymore. Women are in charge, people of color are in charge, as well as the white men. I think we need to get over the feeling that everybody wants to be the head of the manner, the estate, the plantation. Those days are gone. Get used to it.

• You can tell when the Trumpsters call the TC Line, and I quote: “It’s a symbol of people standing up against an overbearing government.” Yes, the government told them they can’t own people.

Flunky awards

It’s Sustainable Resilient Longmont that deserves two flunky awards: one for the failed curbside composting program that has only 15 percent sign-ups and the other for the pipe dream of all renewables by 2030 that will never happen. Go big oil!

Mainstream media

What drives the left and its propaganda arm — the mainstream media — completely unhinged is Trump, instead of cowering to their perceived power, mocking and exposing their bias on Twitter and especially at his rallies. Conversely, this is what thrills his supporters the most, along with his unabashed attack against illegal immigration.

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