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Shootout Leaves IRA Suspect, Another Dead

October 10, 1990

BELFAST, Northern Ireland (AP) _ Soldiers killed a suspected veteran IRA terrorist and a former official of the IRA’s political wing Tuesday at a shootout southwest of Belfast, police reported.

Desmond Grew, 37, and Martin McCaughey, 23, died in a pre-dawn ambush at a farm outside Loughgall. The shooting occurred just after the pair arrived with two men and a woman, said the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

The unidentified men and the woman were not hurt and were arrested at the scene. Three rifles were seized in the incident, 30 miles southwest of Belfast, police said.

Grew was believed ″to have been involved in acts of kidnapping, murder, attempted murder, bombing attacks, shootings and armed robberies″ since the 1970s, said police.

Police in other countries also were investigating Grew’s activities in connection with terrorist incidents, police said.

The domestic news agency Press Association said German police wanted him for questioning about terrorist incidents, including the killing in October 1989 of a Royal Air Force corporal and his 6-month-old daughter in Wildenrath.

In 1976 he was sentenced to six years in a Belfast jail for kidnapping, possession of explosives and other charges, and spent eight years in jail in Ireland for armed robbery from 1980-88, police said.

Grew’s brother, Seamus Grew, was shot by the Royal Ulster Constabulary in 1982. He had been a member of the outlawed Irish National Liberation Army. Another brother, Adrian Grew, is serving a 14-year sentence for attempting to blow up an army patrol.

McCaughey, former councilor for the IRA’s political wing, Sinn Fein, was also believed to belong to the IRA and to have been involved in terrorist activity, said police.

Security in County Armagh had been increased the last few weeks following a rise in the number of attacks on off-duty police and soldiers.

The attacks were blamed on the outlawed Irish Republican Army, which is fighting to oust the British from the Protestant-dominated province of Northern Ireland.

In May 1987, eight IRA members were shot to death by elite British troops as they launched a bomb attack on the Loughgall police station. A ninth man unconnected with the attack died when he was caught in crossfire.

Last month, the same police station was demolished in an IRA bombing. The building was empty at the time.

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