LOS ANGELES (AP) _ An elephant lost four inches off her trunk, getting it caught in hydraulic barn doors.

Tara, a 7,860-pound pachyderm, unexpectedly turned her head Thursday as keepers opened her barn's doors for the night. The African elephant did not bellow in pain but ran to an outside yard carrying the detached piece in her mouth, zoo spokeswoman Judy Shay said.

The injury was not considered severe, and no nerve damage occurred. A park veterinarian said the 33-year-old elephant was expected to keep the sore clean on her own.

Handlers compared Tara's misfortune to a wild elephant whose trunk might get snapped off by a crocodile.

``It reminds me of when children get doors slammed on their hands,'' said zoo curator Michael Dee.

Keepers provided a bucket of ice water to Tara so she could dunk her trunk, about 8 feet in length. Handlers will hand-feed her hay until the tip heals, Ms. Shay said.