Let’s set a record for voter turnout -- Abigail Swetz

March 28, 2019

On April 2, it is vital that Wisconsinites go to the polls to choose between Judge Lisa Neubauer and Judge Brian Hagedorn for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court makes crucial rulings that affect your rights as a worker, your rights as a consumer, your rights to clean air and clean water, your rights to equal protection under the law.

And if you think the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate overreached in their recent lame-duck bills, or even if you agree that our governor’s powers should be curtailed, you need to know that the Wisconsin Supreme Court may ultimately decide that issue.

Voting is how we, as Americans, most directly engage in our democracy.

This is a nonpartisan election -- your political party doesn’t matter on April 2.

What matters is that you’re a Wisconsinite, and that you have a vote.

So do some research. Make your decision. And use your vote.

Let’s honor our tradition as the state with the second highest turnout in the country.

Let’s set a record this April 2 with nonpartisan election voter turnout.

Abigail Swetz, Madison