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November 13, 1995

RADNOR, Pa. (AP) _ Memo to Arsenio Hall: Call Jay Leno. All is forgiven.

The two former friends have been fighting for 3 1/2 years, ever since Hall said he would ``kick Jay’s ass″ in the ratings. They haven’t seen other in a year and a half.

Now the host of NBC’s ``Tonight Show″ says it’s time to end the feud.

``Nothing would make me feel better than having him on the show,″ Leno says in the Nov. 18 edition of TV Guide magazine. ``All he has to do is pick up the phone.″

If he calls, it won’t be Hall’s first appearance on late-night television since his show went off the air in May 1994.

That occurred last week _ on CBS’s ``Late Show″ with David Letterman.


RADNOR, Pa. (AP) _ Poor Tim Allen. The ``Home Improvement″ star says no matter what he does, female sitcom stars always seem to grab the headlines.

Leading the pack is Roseanne. Every time there’s a battle on the set, it’s news, and Allen says he knows why.

``When I hear the fuss, I’m figuring the ratings are sagging. And of course, it all gets worked out a day later. For nine years this woman’s been in the press. I think it’s brilliant,″ Allen says in the Nov. 18 edition of TV Guide.

``Maybe I need controversy to keep up with the gals,″ he jokes. ``I’m sick of it ... I’m firing somebody!″


NEW YORK (AP) _ George Martin, who auditioned the Beatles and produced their most successful albums, says coming back 25 years later to assemble ``The Beatles Anthology″ was a ``traumatic″ experience.

``It was sad and happy and funny and miserable _ all those things,″ Martin said in the Nov. 20 issue of The New Yorker magazine.

After the band finished their last record, ``Abbey Road″ in 1970, Martin says, ``I felt as though we’d run a race and we were looking at each other, exhausted, and thanking heaven we wouldn’t have to run it again.″

As Martin compiled the anthology from archival material over the past year, Paul McCartney sometimes stopped by, and once or twice, George Harrison and Ringo Starr popped in. ``Just the four of us, sitting in Studio Two at Abbey Road,″ Martin said.

The first of three ``Anthology″ releases reaches stores today.


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) _ A Harvard theologian was surprised when he visited Regent University, the Christian graduate school founded by TV evangelist Pat Robertson.

Harvey Cox, in a cover story in Atlantic Monthly magazine, says Regent is less rigidly conservative than expected.

``Regent, it appears, is not so much a boot camp for rightist cadres as a microcosm of the theological and intellectual turbulence within what is often mistakenly seen as a monolithic `religious right’ in America,″ Cox wrote.

Regent officials, who have been trying to revamp the school’s image and broaden its reach, viewed the article as proof of the 17-year-old university’s coming of age.


LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Vendela now has a new address, courtesy of her former boyfriend.

The $1.6 million Beverly Hills home was purchased for her by producer Jon Peters, whose relationship with the Norwegian supermodel ended in February, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

``She had been frantically looking for a house to buy because she is bringing her family here from Sweden at Christmas,″ said Jeanne Valvo of Fred Sands Estates.

Vendela, an aspiring actress, may be best known for appearing on the cover of the 1993 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Peters has produced ``With Honors,″ ``Rainman″ and the first two ``Batman″ movies.

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