Father arrested for battery on police officer, CPS received complaints of “rancid conditions”

September 13, 2018


REXBURG — Police arrested the father of six after he attacked an officer who was assisting Idaho Health and Welfare in retrieving six children from allegedly deplorable conditions inside a house at 516 Laurel Street.

Officers arrested Benjamin Jacob Williams, 37, on Thursday after he attacked the officer. Police charged Williams with Battery of an Officer, a felony that carries with it five years in prison and a $50,000 fine.

According to court records, officers were attempting to assist Health and Welfare Child Protective Services when they encountered Williams.

“CPS said they were investigating allegations that the Williams’ residence was in rancid conditions, and that it was unsafe for six minor children ages nine and under to be living in,” stated court records.

Officers reported that Williams deliberately attempted to keep officers from looking inside the house.

“During our contact with Williams, he was obviously agitated with our presence and (that) was escalating throughout our contact,” said officers.

Williams shouted that the police needed a warrant, and he wouldn’t allow CPS to check on his children. Williams later went back into his home and brought the children out with him onto the porch.

“They were hastily dressed and unkempt. Some were only dressed in a T-shirt and underwear,” reported police.

Officers looked inside the residence and noticed that the front living room was “heavily littered” with trash.

“The smell of urine and animal feces was overwhelming,” police stated in court records.

At this point, Williams rushed his children back into the home and closed the door. Officers then knocked on the door and advised Williams that they were there to retrieve his children as was allowed by state law.

An angry Williams then stepped away from the front door toward an officer and hit him in the shoulder. The officer immediately controlled Williams and arrested him.

It wasn’t immediately known where the children’s mother was. It is believed that CPS took the children into protective custody.

Williams is currently being held at the Madison County Jail.

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