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Mubarak Ends Diplomatic Visit to Senegal, Mauritania

September 8, 1989

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) _ Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ended a diplomatic mission to Senegal and neighboring Mauritania on Thursday and promised further efforts to resolve the bloody ethnic and racial dispute between the countries.

Mubarak, acting in his role as president of the Organization for African Unity, said before leaving the Senegalese capital for Algeria that a panel of OAU ministers would meet Oct. 5 at the United Nations to study the problems causing the conflict.

An initially minor border dispute between the two West African nations in April has erupted into an ethnic and racial dispute between the predominantly black, French-speaking Senegalese and the mostly Arabic-speaking Moors of Mauritania.

The conflict has left hundreds of Mauritanians and Senegalese dead in each other’s countries and thousands more without homes or property.

Senegal and Mauritania broke diplomatic relations Aug. 22.

Mubarak arrived in Mauritania on Wednesday for talks with the chief of state, Col. Muawiya Ould Sid’Ahmed Taya, and later flew to Senegal for an overnight visit with President Abdou Diouf.

″There are points that need to be discussed,″ Mubarak said, expressing hope that the OAU commission will eventually produce a settlement to the conflict.

The commission, formed in July, is composed of the OAU ministers of Egypt, Niger, Nigeria, Togo, Tunisia and Zimbabwe.

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