GOP could face further backlash -- Margaret Benbow

November 27, 2018

Within 24 hours of Tony Evers’ victory in the midterms, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, was threatening to limit the powers of the new governor-elect.

Vos said he would not make definite plans about this before conniving, excuse me, I meant conferring, with Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau. Needless to say, the powers and benefits Speaker Vos wants to take away from Gov.-elect Evers are the exact ones the Republican-run Assembly and Senate lavished on Gov. Scott Walker during his eight-year tenure.

It would be short-sighted for Speaker Vos to attempt to carry out this scheme. Gov. Walker, who is a more astute politician than either Vos or Fitzgerald, said he had “reformed myself out of a job.” “Reformed” is not quite the right word, but he gets the picture.

It was the brutally bullying tactics of Gov. Walker and the Republican majority in our state government that galvanized the blue wave, with very high turnout in Dane County and huge margins elsewhere in the state.

If Vos and Fitzgerald have learned nothing from this, and if they barge forward with the same hard-line approach, in the end they will be swept aside. Gov. Walker learned this. They need to, as well.

Margaret Benbow, Madison

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