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Midshipman Convicted on Drug Charges

January 5, 1996

WASHINGTON (AP) _ A 22-year-old midshipman faces possible fines, imprisonment and expulsion from the Naval Academy for conviction of drug charges.

Midshipman First Class Jason A. Harloff, of Fairport, N.Y., was convicted Thursday of possession, use and transfer of LSD. He pled guilty as part of a pre-trial agreement that will enable Navy prosecutors to use him as a witness in related cases, according to a Navy official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Harloff’s sentencing by a military judge is scheduled for Jan. 17. The maximum punishment is 50 years in confinement. At the least, he will be forced out of the academy. He also could be fined or required to forfeit his pay.

The court martial proceeding was at the Washington Navy Yard.

Harloff was one of two midshipmen apprehended Oct. 16, 1995, for purchase and possession of illicit drugs. As a result of the investigation by officials of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, 22 other midshipmen were implicated.

Capt. Thomas Jurkowsky, an academy spokesman, said five midshipmen in addition to Harloff are expected to face courts martial, and 18 others will face administrative, non-criminal hearings that could result in their expulsion from the academy.

Other than Harloff, none have been publicly identified, Jurkowsky said, because charges against them have not been formally referred to military judicial proceedings.

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