Meade County Commission reviews proposed snow removal policy

January 25, 2019

STURGIS — The Meade County Commissioners discussed a newly proposed snow removal policy Tuesday. The purpose as stated in the new policy is to formalize and establish Meade County’s level of service with respect to the removal of snow or ice, as well as the placement of sand, salt, or other abrasive material on its county highway road system.

The proposed policy regarding snow removal is very similar to the previous policy: When snow fall is at least two inches, but less than four inches, all hard surfaced roads will be plowed during normal working days, provided that the prevailing winds are such that snow remains on the traveled portion of the road. With a snowfall of four inches or more, all gravel roads as well as hard surfaced roads will be plowed during normal working days. A snowfall of four inches or more may result in plowing activities being conducted before and after normal working days, as well as weekends and holidays.

The policy regarding sanding is: The County Highway Department is directed to sand areas designated by the Board of County Commissioners as necessary, which include areas 300 feet before and after bridges, uphill areas, and curves, and hard surfaced road intersections on the Meade County Highway System with stop signs. Other sites may also be sanded, including: High traffic volume areas; areas with numerous school bus stops; accident or emergency vehicle danger areas, as identified by the County Sheriff’s Office; and other locations identified by the County Highway Superintendent or County Highway Department personnel. The County Highway Department Superintendent, or their assignee, has the authority to sand before and after normal working hours, due to adverse weather conditions.

Another proposed change would move the school bus routes up in priority of routes being plowed. The County Highway Superintendent will determine which roads are a priority for snow removal and the sequence of plowing. Highway Department personnel may provide input on the decisions, taking into account reported snowfall amounts and the areas affected.

In situations involving a declared emergency and/or blizzard conditions, the priorities for plowing will be: 1. Human life and critical needs; 2. School bus routes; 3. Main county roads; and 4. Mail routes.

“We are going to make a few wording adjustments to it, and we will add the snow report by driver instead of the route, and add the maps, and depending on how many changes that is, maybe put it on the consent calendar or another agenda item for review at the next meeting,” said Commissioner Rod Bradley.

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