Man Dies In Suspected Overdose In Scranton, The First Since Last Week’s Spate Of Deadly ODs

December 28, 2018

SCRANTON — A 40-year-old man died in Scranton today of a suspected drug overdose, breaking the lull that followed one of the city’s deadliest stretches in the opioid epidemic.

Police were called to the 1000 block of North Webster Avenue for a report of an overdose, Police Chief Carl Graziano said. The victim was not identified and an investigation into his death remains ongoing.

The death is the first attributed in Scranton to a suspected overdose in more than a week, Graziano said. Such a lull is unusual, he said.

Between Dec. 10 and 18, 10 people died of suspected overdoses in the city — six of them in the span of 48 hours. Authorities suspect the deaths were due to fentanyl, a narcotic far more potent than heroin.

Graziano hopes that the period of quiet that followed may be a sign that the deadly batch of drugs on the street was used up.

Investigations into those deaths is ongoing.


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